Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Model Curriculum Unit Templates from DESE

As Massachusetts' DESE leads teacher teams through the design of model curriculum units, they provide a template, which incorporate Understanding by Design, an approach also call backwards planning. The template, which appears below, can be accessed by clicking here. UbD guru Jay McTighe lends a hand to the work. 
Content Area/Course:                                                                         Grade(s):               Date:            Time (minutes or hours):

Unit Title:

Lesson Title:

Essential Question(s) to be addressed in this lesson:

Standard(s)/Unit Goal(s) to be addressed in this lesson:

Assumptions about what students know and are able to do coming into this lesson (including language needs):
Where this lesson comes in a sequence:                     
                                                                                Beginning                                             Middle                                                   End

By the end of this lesson students will know and be able to:

Instructional Resources/Tools (What does the complexity of these texts or sources demand of the students?)

Anticipated Student Preconceptions/Misconceptions

Pre-assessment/ Formative
Summative (optional)

Lesson Sequence and Description
This column may be used to suggest/provide:
  • Content background needed
  • Instructional practices that support academic language development
  • Specific accommodations for students with disabilities, ELLs, advanced students
  • Time estimates for parts of the lesson
  • Specific notes to the teacher

Please provide enough information and details so the teacher can deliver the lesson.

Extended Learning/Practice (homework)

Review outcomes of this lesson:

Preview outcomes for the next lesson:

Teacher Reflection (to be completed after lesson)
What went well in this lesson?
Did all students accomplish the outcome(s))?
What evidence do I have?
What would I do differently next time?


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Anonymous said...

Massachusetts has improved the unit and lesson plan templates for the MCU Project. Please ESE for an updated version. Thank you for supporting the project.