Friday, February 3, 2012

What's in it for students?

We need to be clear about why we're implementing the Common Core State Standards. The change will be most effective when every school and district has a shared purpose.

What's the most important change the Common Core State Standards can bring to your students?

Some ideas from your host:
  • We teach so that students'  literacy skills grow coherently from Pre-K through 12.
  • Pre-K through 12 students engage in math instruction built around the eight Standards for Math Practice.


Anonymous said...

The most important change these standard will bring is a common goal to strive for.

Suzanne J-W said...

A clear message about the skills that students are working towards, instead of simply the facts they "should know".

Rich Cairn said...

Students will learn to think and to write well about history and social studies, science and technology. They should have a framework to hang facts upon, and critical thinking skills to organize and make sense of the facts.