Friday, March 30, 2012

Readiness Center Delivers for DESE (the State)

How best to deliver important curriculum guidance to over-booked district leaders?

That's the question we asked at the Pioneer Valley Educational Readiness Center (PERC), one of six regional centers serving Massachusetts with support from the state.

It was clear that the approach we used last year to introduce the 2011 Mass. Curriculum Frameworks-- power point presentations to crowds of 300-- would not be effective this time around. A one-size-fit-all approach can't address the present needs of most districts. Perhaps more importantly, we heard from focus groups that, "If you want us to see another power point, send it to us and we'll watch when it's convenient."

So we are doing just that-- sending out links to five state-recommended resources: Digging Deeper power points in Math and ELA, Achieve's CCSS Implementation Guide and the Model Content Frameworks in ELA and Math. And we're asking districts to view the resources (if they hadn't done so already) and come together for a discussion of what they find valuable in those resouirces and how their CCSS implementation plans are proceeeding.

We're bringing the flipped classroom to administrators!

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