Thursday, March 8, 2012

Massachusetts Sends Clearer Guidance to Districts

While listening in on a DESE webinar on Tuesday, I discovered that the state is providing both more direction, guidance, and support for districts working to implement the Common Core.

By viewing DESE's power point, "Diving Deeper: Implementing the 2011 Mass. Curriculum Frameworks for Math," you can read about these new developments (not yet available online; comment below and I'll send you a copy). What might be most helpful to districts is this process for "Developing a Curriculum Map:"

  1. 1.Assemble an inclusive team of teachers, curriculum leaders, etc.
  2. 2.Provide time for team to do background work to learn about the standards
  3. 3.Compare new standards to existing curriculum (map, units, materials, etc.) and identify gaps
  4. 4.Decide upon elements and format of curriculum map
  5. 5.Create draft curriculum map
  6. 6.Develop, adapt, and acquire curriculum materials and assessments as needed
 Next post: information about new supports available to districts this summer

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